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Facetacular was my graduation exhibition from Master of fine arts LUCA, Gent Belgium, 2013

I created 2 floors of work, entrance with paintings and 2nd floor with an altar and assemblage machine called looptacular - you will find the video end of the page-. I made a different variation of lightboxes from found objects, cigar boxes, etc. with drawings on different materials. 

Looptacular Machine was part of the "Facetacular" exhibition. This machine is formed by combining a slide projector and a broken record player. A strip made of 35 mm film is passed through the slide projector with a small apparatus attached to the motor part of the record player. Since the engine of my record player is broken, this rotation process takes place at a speed of its own and with pauses. in this way, viewers find enough time to examine some images, while others see them as just a flowing image.

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